Golden Gate Elixir

Inaugural Meetup

Tuesday, February 20 @ 6:30pm at 1714 Telegraph, Oakland, CA

Come out to 19th St, Oakland for the inaugural Golden Gate Elixir meetup. We are planning to host two 25 minute presentations, and then hang out at 1644 Telegraph (@ 17th St) for post-talk conversation. For this first event, we'll be meeting at 1714 Telegraph, at one of Oakstop's studios, directly above the 19th St BART Station. Light refreshments will be available.

RSVP on our Meetup page.

ExUnit formatters to track test failures — Nat Bennett

“Sometimes, despite our best efforts, tests arenʼt reliable—especially when weʼre testing distributed systems. This talk demonstrates how to use custom ExUnit formatters to track test failures, and how collecting the right data can make it easy to pinpoint intermittent failures and their causes as soon as they start. Weʼll also look at how to use test data to triage the flakiest tests in legacy test suites and improve developer experience quickly.”

Nat Bennett is a software engineer and independent consultant. They mainly work on application platforms and infrastructure, but enjoy a bit of frontend when the job calls for it. They learned to wrangle large and flaky test suites during their half-decade at Cloud Foundry, a container application platform from before container application platforms were cool.

Test-first with ExUnit — Britton Broderick

“For many engineers writing tests feels like a waste of time, or something that you can do after the fact. Itʼs not actually getting things done. Understanding what tests you should write, why, and how to write them first isnʼt always immediately obvious. But it can be.

By adopting an outside-in view to development you can have clarity on what you’re building and why. If that wasnʼt enough, you also get free living product documentation with your robust test suite that allows you to ship code confidently.

Finally, Iʼll talk through some of the tooling weʼve built taking advantage of ExUnit to make all of this coexist with your existing work tracking system.”

Britton is the CTO at where weʼre building #1 online learning and skill transformation platform for sales. Heʼs spent his career in startups, and has been involved in the Elixir community for the past eight years.

Talk Submissions

If youʼre interested in giving a talk or a workshop, please contact us at At this time, the general policy for accepting proposals is FIFO (first in, first out), with the caveat that a specific event should include talks on different themes when possible.

Weʼre deeply interested in testing and human-centric programming as well as technical topics related to Elixir, Erlang, and the problems that arise when programming and operating production systems.


For Golden Gate Elixir we are planning to host regular meetups, with the intention not to compete with other Bay Area meetups, but to co-exist and provide more outlets for people in our development communities to get together in person.